Hudson Valley Fun - Where The Fun Begins - Frequently Asked Questions


Here is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions to give you more information about how our website works!


Q.  Are listings on your website really FREE?

A. YES! All basic listings on our website are FREE of charge.  But our basic listing is far from basic.  You can add all kinds of info about your listings services with no limits!

Q. How do I keep/get my listing information updated?

A.  Your listing is accessible 24/7 365 days a year* and we encourage you to create or claim your own free listings right now!  If you need help feel please free to shoot us an email with your information and we can update your listing for you!  Yes, for FREE.

Q. How do I get my listing to show up higher in search results?

A.  Since we are a free directory and some categories contain hundreds of other listings the best way to stand out from the rest is to upgrade to one of our three Ad Listing options.

Q. How does an Ad Listing work?

A.  Your Ad Listing will appear randomly with all the Ad Listings above all the Free Listings based on which Ad you choose. We will also showcase your listing on our home page with all our other featured listings!  You also get access to all the Bonus Features available to all our Ad listing owners.

Q. What are the BONUS FEATURES that I receive if I upgrade my listing to an Ad listing?

A. All Featured listing owners have their listings featured above all other basic listings plus entry into our monthly spotlight contest.  We also include our featured listings in our monthly social media advertising.  Plus, we provide featured listings owners with a free complete in-depth evaluation of their online presence to ensure they are displaying their information correctly on all social media and web platforms.

Q. What is your monthly spotlight contest?

A.  Each month we will select one of our Ad listings for a Spotlight Article all about them and what FUN they offer!  The article will be on our home page for the month and then will be placed in our archives forever.  Plus we will be sharing our Spotlight Article on Social Media giving you even more exposure!

Q. When I click on a specific feature on the top of the category pages there are no listings found?

A.  We are still in the process of updating all our listings to include all the specific features each category listing offers.   Many of our new listings are still being completed so we are busy adding more and more details about each listing every day.  Please check back again to utilize these filters once we have all our listings updated to include everything each listing has to offer you!  If you see a listing that is missing a feature that they offer you can always let us know and we can update.

Have a Question?  Email us ANYTIME!


We will continually be updating our Frequently Asked Questions Page!

(*Access to your listing is available to you 24/7 365 except for when we update or backup our servers which is usually done during our off-peak hours)